Manchester – What do you want from our Escorts?

Manchester – What do you want from our Escorts?


Hello Manchester!


Talent Escorts Manchester are wondering what do you want from an escort, in terms of looks, appearance, age, style, attitude for outcalls?  We thought we would put together some options below and see what you think. We train our girls well and they are all equipped to behave in a variety of ways, depending on what you are looking for. All our ladies really do enjoy their work and have a good time working especially on the weekends!

We have a wide range of outcall girls in the Manchester area, different ages/ styles etc. All our escorts are currently English, also.

Are you the type of person who likes to try new girls every week, or do you prefer a regular girl that you would tend to ask for?  Are you from outside of Manchester and visit regularly and looking for a regular escort that you can call, and spend some time with whenever you visit Manchester, someone you can really get to know and form a bond with?

We don’t tend to get a huge amount of request in terms of what our girls are wearing etc. We always suggest that when our Escorts are visiting you in hotels they throw a pair of jeans over their outfits, just to make things a bit more discreet on entry to meet you.

Our standard dress is Saturday Night Glam I Manchester – I think this speaks for itself. Our girls come dressed to the nines, fully manicured and looking and smelling great.

However, some people prefer our girls don’t wear perfume as they don’t want their apartment or house or hotel smelling of perfume. What would you prefer?

At talent escorts Manchester, we aim to please, so if you do have any requests, pls tell us over the phone when you book, and we will do our best to accommodate your wants.

Drop us an email if you have any comments or suggestions, we aim to please! Remember, we only service the Manchester area.

What kind of looks/ Dress do you like in an Escort?

  • Saturday night Glam Escort– Generally a slinky dress, stockings, sexy underwear, perfume, hair done, and nails painted and manicured, heels

  • Casual Escort – Jeans, casual top, sweater, trainers, still manicured and hair done

  • Smart Escort – Pant/ dress suit, smart shoes, nails and hair done, maybe a business-like look

What kind of age of escort do you like?

  • Young Escort – late teens early twenties,

  • Slightly older escort - early to late twenties

  • Escorts in their Thirties

  • Escorts that are 40 tears old plus

What kind of attitude do you like in an escort?

  • Party girl Escort – like to drink and party, loud fun and bubbly

  • Conversational escort – someone who likes to talk, good conversationalist and a good listener

  • Dinner date/ girlfriend Escort – an escort you can take out on your arm and can play the part of a girlfriend or date

  • Overnight escort – an escort you book for the whole evening or overnight. Often a service used by out of town business people.


Thank you for reading this blog and if you have any comments pls drop us an email or text or give us a call!


Lots of love,


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