Taking Pictures for your Talent Application

Applying to work for Talent Manchester & Taking Application Pictures



Talent Escorts Manchester are one of the premier escorting agencies in Manchester. We only provide outcalls and our girls get lots of hours, especially on the weekends.

We are currently recruiting for women of all ages, ethnicities and body types. We do expect our girls to follow our strict dress code, be good conversationalists and be honest and loyal individuals.

We provide drivers, but we also offer work to ladies who are self-drive and you can earn more money this way as you won’t have to pay driver fees!

At Talent we are a little family, all pour girls and drivers look after each other. We will not tolerate pettiness or argumentative characters, and neither will our Clients.  Our Escorts need to be well mannered and non-confrontational, both with Clients and colleagues. We do look after our girls and always do our best to help with any problems our ladies may have. We do also expect that once an escort commits to being available on a certain shift that they stick to it, as our rotas and drivers are carefully planned out.  Talent will offer you referrals, but you will be classed as self-employed.

Escorting is probably on one the best paid jobs around. The photos you send at your application stage are very important and help us to decide whether to meet you in person or not to discuss a career at Talent.

We don’t want to see old holiday pictures or close ups of your anatomy, but we generally will accept selfies.

  • Photos should be taken in natural daylight rather than with a flash

  • Photos from a decent camera phone should be fine as long as the image resolution is clear

  • Selfies should be taken by someone else in the room or in the mirror

  • Photos should be taken against a neutral coloured wall – ie white of off white. Ideally not with a messy bedroom in the background

  • Minimal make up should be worn

  • You should send us pics of a couple of different sets of lingerie and heels

  • At least one shot should show your whole body standing up straight

  • Try and keep any poses simple but we would like to see you from the font and the rear

  • Do not use any filters of any programmes such as Photoshop.

  • Tattoos are fins with us so there is no need to hide them as many guys prefer escorts with tattoos

  • If you are unsure of poses, look at the poses used by the girls in our Gallery on the website

  • Make sure we can clearly see your face in some of the photos

As we mentioned, we are seeking a variety of different ladies of all ages shapes and sizes to work in the Manchester area. If you are worried too aren’t “fit” enough, please don’t let that pt you off. Send us your application on the recruitment page (or text us with photos using the mobile number on the site) and let us be the judge!

Of course, we guarantee our completer discretion and will not publish any photos or show anyone else your photos without your consent!


We look forward to hearing from you,


Talent Manchester

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